The Urban Village Community Center Association (UVCA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2003 and dedicated to educating, training, and empowering the low-income residents of Urban Village Apartments and the surrounding community. UVCA accomplishes its mission by supporting community activities and services such as after school programs, computer instruction, adult literacy programs, and English as a Second Language.  UVCA works closely with neighboring community organizations and tenant associations, the staff of Urban Village Apartments, and Somerset Development Company to stabilize and enrich the community and to provide services.

Urban Village Apartments is a 72-unit garden style apartment community in Columbia Heights. As a part of the renovations completed in 2003, Somerset Development Company built a new multi-purpose room, a computer lab, outdoor community space, and new tenant services offices to assist in resident services programming. In the summer of 2010, UVCA partnered with the 3500 14th Street NW Tenant Association at Hubbard Place and City Blossoms to build and create a community garden; and to implement a summer program.

The goals of our programs are the following:

  • To improve academic achievement for those in school
  • To provide job skills for those capable of entering the job market
  • To improve the quality of life to those who are retired or disabled
  • To create a healthier and more sustainable community
  • To provide social service referrals to those who suffer from abuse, neglect, drug addiction, or other dependencies

We provide opportunities for change and growth through the various services and activities that we offer. We believe the strong sense of pride and community of our residents is shown through our selection of high quality programs and services that we implement.

A few successes from the past year:

  • We prevented summer learning loss for 100% of our 30 camp participants; all either maintained for improved in both reading and math.

  • Assisted over 8 residents in seeking and gaining employment.
  • Connected  2 residents who were starting or growing their own small businesses with small business development support.
  • Provided funding to assist 3 residents with continuing their education at local colleges, trade schools, and workshops this year.

  • Continued to expand the Urban Village Community Garden -- increasing adult volunteer participation.

  • Provided over 750 referrals, connecting families to needed services and opportunities in the community.