After School Program:

In partnership with Hubbard Place, we offer an after school program Monday through Friday 3:30- 6:00pm for young people ages 5-12. Our program incorporates academic enrichment, journal writing, arts and crafts, science workshops, computer instruction, and gardening.

Computer Literacy:
After school participants attend computer instruction twice a week. They use computer learning tools such as Mavis Beacon software to increase familiarity with word processing and computer literacy.

Community Gardening:
The young people in our programs work with gardening instructors to learn about urban gardening. Our garden features herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. We use a curriculum that introduces young people to the garden through multiple approaches including the building of the garden, the maintenance and care of the garden, and the pleasure and products gardeners can take from the garden.

Summer Youth Program:
In  the summer we offer a six week program for young people age 5-12. The program offers young people a range of experiences and opportunities for exploration. Activities include: community gardening, a mapping project of the Columbia Heights neighborhood, academic enrichment, dance fitness, weekly field trips, and financial literacy education. This past summer participants helped make a documentary of their own design about their own local history.

Dance Institute of Washington Scholarships:
Young people on our property have the opportunity to try out for a number of dance scholarships at the Dance Institute of Washington. Scholarship grantees have the opportunity to attend several dance workshops (hip hop, African dance, ballet, jazz/modern) a week and learn about taking care of their bodies through fitness and healthy eating.

Food Assistance:
UVCA partners with the Capital Area Food Bank and F.E.E.D. to provide free bags of groceries each week to participating youth at Urban Village. 

Scholarship Program :
A scholarship program  was developed by Ownership, the Resident Services Staff, and the Urban Village Community Center Association, as a way to defray costs of higher education or training for residents at Urban Village. The scholarship is available to residents of Urban Village Apartments who are seeking education or skills training opportunities at or beyond a high school level or to obtain a GED. Download the Application Here.